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Philadelphia Asbestos Lawyers: Global Asbestos Awareness Week Ends Today

Global asbestos awareness is needed for workers all over the world, beginning in the early 19th century. Exposure to asbestos causes a slew of health issues, with mesothelioma as the most commonly known disease. Unknown to many, there is still no official ban for asbestos use, leaving the lethal substance legal in the USA and nearly 70% of the world.

This week, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization focuses its energy onto Global Asbestos Awareness Week, with each day featuring educational resources from leading organizations, guest blogs, videos and stories from those who have been affected by asbestos. During this time, the awareness week focused on:

  • Creating an official ban against mining, manufacturing or using asbestos in any work environment.
  • Creating awareness and prevention of asbestos exposure.
  • Helping to create more compliance and also enforcement when it comes to the laws and regulations that already exist for asbestos.

The week concludes today, April 7th, with an online candlelit vigil, along with the publication of the 2016 Global Ban Asbestos Declaration. To unite on the issue and show support, anyone is welcome to sign the Google form as a petition for the ban of asbestos globally here:

Asbestos exposure is no small issue. At Shein Law, our Philadelphia asbestos lawyers fight to protect the rights and gain compensation for those who have already been exposed to asbestos, and give legal support to those with a mesothelioma diagnosis. For more information, call us at 1-877-SHEIN-LAW (743-4652) or contact us online. We will go over your options for your lost wages, medical bills, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering and other damages that came as a result of your asbestos exposure.

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