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Speak With an Experienced Philadelphia Mesothelioma Lawyer at Shein Law for Legal Help

What if a Loved One Is Too Ill to Pursue a Mesothelioma Case? 

Mesothelioma is an incurable and aggressive cancer. By the time the disease is  diagnosed, it may already be advanced. The patient may receive medical  treatment that can take a toll on their body. A mesothelioma patient may be too  ill to actively participate in the legal process of seeking financial compensation.

One of the reasons why one should contact a mesothelioma attorney as soon as  possible is that their health may begin to deteriorate quickly. Their attorney will  need a starting point for their investigation so they can prove where, when, and  how they were exposed to asbestos. Then the family can proceed with a

mesothelioma claim or lawsuit on behalf of their loved one.

A Lawyer Will Begin to Investigate the Case Immediately

A lawyer will begin to investigate the case, interviewing the client, family  members, and witnesses and compiling evidence that would show which companies exposed the victim to asbestos, leading to the mesothelioma

diagnosis. Witnesses will be even more critical in the case if the person cannot  testify. An attorney will handle all the case details, whether a lawsuit in court or  filing trust fund claims.

Filing a Wrongful Death Case

If the person passes away during the lawsuit process, their family can still pursue  the mesothelioma case. The case would become a wrongful death action. The  family would be paid for the damages they suffered when their loved one died.  The personal representative of the estate can also seek damages in a survival  action that compensates for what the deceased person endured between the  time of their diagnosis and death.

Contact a Lawyer Immediately

Regardless, the victim or a family member must contact an experienced  mesothelioma attorney as soon as possible. The mesothelioma attorney would  immediately speak with the loved one to the fullest extent possible.

Speak With an Experienced Philadelphia Mesothelioma Lawyer at Shein Law for  Legal Help

A Philadelphia mesothelioma lawyer at Shein Law is here for you and your family  after an asbestos disease diagnosis. We have a track record of obtaining large  recoveries for victims and their families. Call 877-743-4652 or contact us online to  schedule a consultation. With offices in Philadelphia and Pennsauken, New Jersey,  we serve clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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