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Use of Immunotoxins to Fight Mesothelioma 

Philadelphia Mesothelioma Lawyers discuss the use of immunotoxins to help mesothelioma patients.Recent cancer research has largely focused on immunotherapy, techniques that equip the body’s own immune system to fight the disease in ways it cannot on its own. In some cases, however, the immune system may be more of a hindrance when it comes to cancer treatment. Immunotoxins can be powerful tumor-fighting tools, but they also present some challenges that limit their effectiveness. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is launching a clinical trial that will attempt to change that and improve results for mesothelioma patients.

Immunotoxins are drugs that target and destroy specific types of cancer cells. Researchers developed an immunotoxin drug called LMB-100 that is customized to attack mesothelioma cells. Previous clinical trials have shown that the drug has the power to reduce mesothelioma tumors; however, in many patients, the immune system reacted to the drug before it had a chance to work. Immune cells target the immunotoxins as if they were a bacterial or viral infection, developing antibodies that neutralize them.

NCI Pairs Immunotoxins with Immune Suppressant

The NCI trial will examine the effect of immunotoxins without immune system interference. Patients will receive LMB-100, along with an immune suppressant called SEL-110. The SEL-110 should prevent the immune system from targeting the immunotoxin, allowing it to influence the patients’ mesothelioma tumors. Researchers are hopeful that LMB-100 will prove to be an effective treatment for mesothelioma once this hurdle is removed.

It will take some time for this therapy to be made widely available. The NCI trial is a phase I clinical trial, designed to measure the safety of the drug by gradually increasing the dosage and measuring side effects. Once researchers determine how to administer the drug safely, they will conduct additional trials to gauge LMB-100’s effectiveness at fighting tumors. Participants in the NCI trial will include pleural or peritoneal mesothelioma patients who have received at least one chemotherapy treatment and who are not eligible for surgery or other standard curative treatment. If the trial is successful, it could be a pivotal step toward a cure for mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a rare and fatal form of cancer infecting the lining of the lungs, heart, and chest cavity. It is notoriously resistant to many common cancer treatments, leaving patients with few options. Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos, and the disease can lay dormant in the body for decades after the initial asbestos exposure. Once diagnosed, patients often have a narrow survival window. Novel treatments, such as LMB-100, may be the solution that mesothelioma patients have been searching for.

Philadelphia Mesothelioma Lawyers at Shein Law Fight for Victims Exposed to Asbestos

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease, call the Philadelphia mesothelioma lawyers at Shein Law. Our knowledgeable, experienced lawyers will thoroughly review the facts of your case to determine who is at fault for your asbestos exposure. We are dedicated to obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled and will be by your side every step of the way. With offices conveniently located in Pennsauken, New Jersey and Philadelphia, we help mesothelioma patients and their families throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Call us today at 877-743-4652 or contact us online to discuss your case.

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