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Roundup cancer cases

Cancer Patient Wins $175 Million Roundup Verdict Against Monsanto

On Friday, a Philadelphia jury found in favor of a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer patient and retired restauranteur, who claimed that Monsanto failed to warn about known carcinogens in its best-selling herbicide Roundup. The jury hit the company with a $175 million verdict, $25 million in compensatory damages and $150 million in punitive damages. This verdict is now part of a string of nine and ten-figure judgments against the Bayer AG subsidiary. Despite a substantial reduction on appeal, other Roundup cancer verdicts include $2 billion in Oakland, CA in 2019 and $289 million in San Francisco.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup and the world’s most commonly used weed-killing chemical. It has been linked to a wide range of health issues, including cancer, such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia, neurological diseases, endocrine disruption, and birth defects. Glyphosate is classified as “probably carcinogenic to humans,” according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

According to the court’s website, Friday’s $175 million Roundup cancer verdict is the first of over 200 cases filed and waiting for trial since 2022. These cases are just in Philadelphia alone. In 2020, Bayer settled most of its Roundup claims for $10.9 billion. Bayer has recently won several cases with similar claims; however, thousands of additional lawsuits are pending in state and federal courts.

After Friday’s verdict, Bayer released a statement that respectfully disagreed with the jury’s verdict.

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