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New York Appellate Court Upholds Decision in Asbestos Lawsuit against Dissolved Company

June 4, 2014 – A New York court of appeals recently upheld a decision that holds Liberty Mutual Insurance Company liable for claims against the Jenkins Brothers Valve Company, which was dissolved by the New Jersey Department of State in 2004.  Liberty Mutual claimed that under New Jersey law, Jenkins Brothers cannot be sued for asbestos-related injuries incurred by employees since it is no longer in business.  The appellate court found that the bankrupt and dissolved valve company can still be sued for damages under New Jersey dissolution statutes.  The court also ruled that the asbestos-related injury suits be directed to Liberty Mutual Insurance Company since it provided the liability insurance policy to Jenkins Brothers while it was in operation.

Former employees brought suit against the company claiming that they were exposed to asbestos while working for Jenkins Brothers and now suffered from asbestos-related injuries.  Despite efforts to contact administrators of the now defunct corporation, only two administrators of the corporation could be located.  The plaintiffs then brought their suit against Liberty Mutual Insurance Company because it had insured the Jenkins Brothers Corporation during the time of their employment.  Since the carcinogenic asbestos fibers can lay dormant for several decades before metastasizing in victims of asbestos exposure, the court also ruled that Liberty Mutual can be held liable for future claims.

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