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9/11 Asbestos Abatement Workers and First Responders Face Serious Health Risks and Loss of Insurance Coverage

February 7, 2014 The federally-funded WTC health program and the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund were established to pay for the health and medical expenses for the victims of the World Trade Center disaster and their families.  Unfortunately, both organizations are predicting that their funds will run out by 2017, and neither is certain that funds will be reallocated by Congress.  First responders and asbestos abatement workers deployed to Ground Zero following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 are facing serious health problems and the possibility of no health coverage in the near future. 

In the days following the attack on the World Trade Center, rescue personnel and clean up crews descended on the area, focused on finding survivors and sifting through the debris.  Standard safety precautions for handling hazardous materials and asbestos removal were ignored by many who pushed aside the risks to their own health to save others.  Unfortunately, the first few days after the attack proved to be the most dangerous in terms of exposure to asbestos and other toxins.

In subsequent weeks, asbestos abatement workers were called in to remove the asbestos dust that had been floating in the air and falling on nearby homes and businesses.  Workers have reported that they were not equipped with proper safety and hazard gear, and were unknowingly exposed to asbestos in areas that had been declared safe by federal officials. Workers also allege that undocumented immigrants that did not speak English and improperly trained workers were hired to assist in the abatement process at Ground Zero and the surrounding vicinity, further complicating safety procedures.  The U.S. Occupational and Health Administration and the New York Department of Environmental Protection deny these accusations.

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