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Worksites at Risk

Worksite Asbestos Exposure – Information from a Pennsylvania or New Jersey Asbestos Lawyer

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), 10,000 Americans die each year as a result of asbestos-related injury or disease – that’s 30 deaths each day. Asbestos-related diseases can take up to 50 years to develop, meaning that the illnesses patients are suffering from now could be the result of asbestos exposure from any time in the 1950s to 1970s, when asbestos use was rampant. In 1989, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned all new uses of asbestos; however risk of asbestos exposure is still a concern today among workers in industrial areas like Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Consulting an asbestos lawyer is the first step if you believe you have been exposed to asbestos at a worksite.

Asbestos Exposure in the Workplace

Exposure to asbestos at worksites is still common among many trades – including car mechanics, construction workers, and other trades. Pennsylvania ranks in the top five in the nation for the states with the greatest number of asbestosis and mesothelioma cases. The highest rates of asbestos-related disease nationwide were in Los Angeles, California; Cook County, Illinois; Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; King County, Washington; and Harris County, Texas.

Asbestos-related lawsuits began appearing in the 1930s. Despite manufacturers having evidence of the dangers of asbestos exposure before the 1930s, they engaged in deception and cover-ups to protect themselves financially, disregarding the negative impact their choices had on the lives of workers and consumers. Asbestos can still be found in many materials to this day and workers continue to be exposed to this lethal carcinogen.

If you have been exposed to asbestos for a prolonged period of time or have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos-related illness, we at Shein Law encourage you to contact our Pennsylvania or New Jersey offices online or call 1-877-SHEINLAW (743-4652) to speak with an asbestos lawyer today.

List of Worksites at Risk for Asbestos Exposure

The New Jersey and Philadelphia asbestos lawyers at Shein Law have successfully represented workers and their families who have developed mesothelioma and other asbestos diseases from many worksites, some of which are listed below. If you do not see a worksite where you worked or would like more information, please contact us.

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New Jersey

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A-C | D | E-H | I-Z

Pennsylvania Worksites


Allenwood Steel
Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Allied Chemical Company
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Amstar Sugar Refinery (Domino Sugar)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks and Chester Counties

Atlantic Richfield Co. (ARCO)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Baldwin Locomotive (Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton)
Eddystone, Pennsylvania

Bethlehem Steel Corp.
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Boeing Vertol
Lester, Pennsylvania

BP Oil Refinery
Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania

Budd Company
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

C – G

Certain-Teed Corporation
Ambler, Pennsylvania

Cramps Shipyard
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Frankford Arsenal
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

General Electric
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Gulf Oil Refinery
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Keebler Biscuit Company
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lukens Steel
Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Mathis Shipyard
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

National Sugar Refinery (Jack Frost Sugar)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Piasecki Helicopter
Morton, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Power and Light
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Railroad

Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO)
Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks and Chester Counties

Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW)
Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks and Chester Counties

Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia School District
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Publicker Industries
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Q – R

Quakertown Electric Company
Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Reading Industries
Reading, Pennsylvania

Reading Railroad
Reading, Pennsylvania


Sandler & Fuhrman
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Scott Paper Company
Lester, Pennsylvania

Sinclair Oil Refinery
Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania

Sun Oil Company
Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania

Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock
Chester, Pennsylvania

T – V

Treadyffrin-Easttown School District
Berwyn, Pennsylvania

United States Navy Depot
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

United States Steel (USX)
Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

W – Z

Weatherly Foundry
Hazelton, Pennsylvania

Western Electric Company
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Westinghouse Corporation
Lester, Pennsylvania

Wheaton Glass
Millville, New Jersey

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New Jersey Worksites

A – D

Amspec/Harshaw Chemical
Gloucester, New Jersey

Atlantic Electric Company
Southern New Jersey

Bethlehem Steel Shipyard
Hoboken, New Jersey

Campbell‘s Soup Co.
Camden, New Jersey

Gibbstown, New Jersey

F – H

Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock
Kearney, New Jersey

Flexitallic Gasket Company
Camden, New Jersey

Flintkote Company
Camden, New Jersey

GAF/Ruberoid Corp.
Gloucester, New Jersey

Garlock, Inc.
Camden, New Jersey

Hercules Powder
Gibbstown, New Jersey

I – N

Mobil Oil Refinery
Paulsboro, New Jersey

New York Shipbuilding & Drydock
Camden, New Jersey

O – Q

Owens Corning Corp.
Berlin and Barrington, New Jersey

Owens Illinois Glass Co.
Berlin, New Jersey

Public Service Electric & Gas
Southern New Jersey

R – S

Camden, New Jersey

RTC Shipbuilding
Camden, New Jersey

Salem Nuclear Power Plant
Salem, New Jersey

T – Z

Texaco/Star Oil Refinery
Westville, New Jersey

United States Gasket Company
Camden, New Jersey

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Delaware Worksites

A – C

Air Products
Delaware City, Delaware

Air Reduction
Delaware City, Delaware

Avisun (part of Sun Oil)
New Castle, Delaware


Delaware Power and Light (DPL)
Delaware City, Delaware and other locations

Edgemoor and Glasgow, Delaware

DuPont Experimental Station
Wilmington, Delaware

DuPont Chestnut Run
Wilmington, Delaware

DuPont Hotel
Wilmington, Delaware

DuPont Nemours Building
Wilmington, Delaware

DuPont Brandywine Building (10th Street)
Wilmington, Delaware

DuPont – D Shops (Maryland Avenue)
Wilmington, Delaware

DuPont Louviers office building
Newark, Delaware

E – H

Getty Tidewater Refinery
Delaware City, Delaware

Haveg Industries
Marshallton, Delaware

Ford Motor Company
Multiple locations in Delaware

I – Z

Phoenix Steel
Claymont, Delaware

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