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Drug Trial Shows Encouraging Early Results

drug trialMarch 5, 2013 – An innovative therapy developed by Genelux Corporation may offer new optimism to people suffering with mesothelioma, a rare cancer seen mostly in the lung and chest cavity. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (“Sloan Kettering”) in New York recently treated its first patient with the new therapy called GL-ONC1. Sloan Kettering is currently sponsoring this phase 1 clinical trial to determine optimal dose and effectiveness of GL-ONC1 on pleural effusion, a common complication of mesothelioma. Pleural effusion presents as a fluid buildup in the chest and affects about 30% of mesothelioma and lung cancer patients.

New Drug May Help Diagnose and Treat Mesothelioma

In addition to treating mesothelioma, the new drug could help diagnose mesothelioma in  patients. The drug has an engineered green fluorescent protein which will highlight tumors and circulating cancer cells.  In Sloan Kettering’s clinical trial, GL-ONC1 will be administered by injection directly into the space between the lungs and surrounding membrane of each study participant. The green fluorescent proteins will help providers visualize and track tumor growth.

The clinical trial at Sloan Kettering seeks to determine a recommended dose for GL-ONC1 along with assessing its safety tolerability and response of the drug on the tumors. The clinical trial expects to enroll and treat as many as fifty-four patients in phase 1. Most patients enrolled in the trial may also undergo pleural biopsies, as well as video-assisted thoracic surgery.

The Mesothelioma Attorneys at Shein Law Fight for Victims of Asbestos-Related Diseases

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