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Asbestos Removal Planned for Local Grade School

Philadelphia Mesothelioma Attorneys at Shein Law Can Provide Legal Help After a Mesothelioma Diagnosis.October 2, 2014 – Students in the East Penn School District in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania may potentially be exposed to toxic asbestos in the near future.  There are plans underway to remove industrial debris containing asbestos in close proximity to Wescosville Elementary School located in Lower Macungie Township. It is important that asbestos removal takes place at this school.

In 2013, construction debris containing asbestos was illegally buried by an unknown source underground within a mile of the school grounds. At the time, certain school officials were aware of the dumping of siding and roofing materials containing asbestos and allowed it to occur within the vicinity of the Wescosville Elementary School.  Reports indicate that those involved in that initial decision are no longer employed by the district.

The school superintendent of the East Penn District indicates that the current vote to remove the asbestos-filled material is a necessary precaution.  Officials must ensure that the asbestos removal is handled properly and all abatement procedures and protocol are followed to ensure the safety of its students. To work towards that goal, the school district has hired ALM Abatement Services of Coopersburg, Pennsylvania at an estimated cost of $18,000 to handle the abatement and removal of the deadly asbestos material.

Preliminary reports from ALM indicate that although asbestos material was found in the soil, students and residents have not been exposed to the toxic asbestos fibers concealed underground.  Philadelphia asbestos lawyers at the Shein Law will keep abreast of the asbestos abatement process underway in Lehigh County and alert the public of any changes or potential dangers.

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For more information on the dangers of asbestos exposure, contact Philadelphia asbestos lawyers at the Shein Law. Our mesothelioma lawyers successfully pursue compensation for victims suffering from asbestos-related illnesses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  For more information, call 215-735-6677 or contact us online.

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