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Philadelphia Asbestos Attorney, Ben Shein, Speaks At Conference Focused on New Mass Tort Litigation Protocol

Mass Tort Litigation Revised in Philadelphia

June 11, 2012 – Ben Shein, lead attorney of Shein Law in Philadelphia, recently participated in a conference attended by legal professionals to discuss changes to mass tort litigation protocol.   General Court Regulation No. 2012-01 went into effect of February 15, 2012 when the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas issued an order substantially changing the protocol governing mass tort cases.  The order came after it was determined that out–of-state asbestos filings in Philadelphia were on an upward trend creating a significant backlog of cases.  The length of time that it was taking to dispose these asbestos cases was not in compliance with the standards set forth by the American Bar Association.

The major changes to the mass tort protocols were previously highlighted in a recent Shein Center blog.  The Court plans to revisit the issue again in November 2012 to assess how the new regulations and alterations to the protocol are working.  In addition, suggestions will be accepted from any of the involved parties and changes to the mass tort protocol will be made if warranted.

Benjamin Shein Discusses the Future of Asbestos Litigation

The complex litigation conference,  “Examining the Court’s New Mass Tort and Asbestos Protocols”, hosted by Harris Martin Publishing took place on June 5th, 2012 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia.  Ben Shein spoke to an audience of over 200 attendees on the impact that these new protocols will have on the future of asbestos litigation.  More specifically, Mr. Shein discussed the topics of consolidating asbestos cases, mediation by a panel of judges, and the practice of expediting cases.  He further discussed how a plaintiff’s trial lawyer would be able to put these new protocol initiatives into practice.

Philadelphia Asbestos Attorneys at Shein Law Help Victims Exposed to Asbestos

Benjamin Shein, renowned Philadelphia asbestos lawyer, is well informed about the new mass tort and asbestos litigation protocol.  He has witnessed firsthand the pain and suffering that an asbestos related illness can cause and has dedicated his practice to helping the victims and their families.  If you or a loved one is suffering from the devastating effects of an asbestos exposure, Mr. Shein can guide you through the complex legal process while he fights to secure the financial compensation that you rightfully deserve.  For a thorough review of your case, call Mr. Shein at 1-877-Sheinlaw (1-877-743-4652) or contact him online.

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