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Philadelphia Asbestos Attorney Discusses New Study Linking Asbestos to Heart Disease

June 25, 2012 – A recent study out of Great Britain has reported that a workers exposed to asbestos on the job have a significantly higher chance of developing heart disease and stroke than the general public. In addition, the research also indicates that women tend to be at greater risk than men.

It is well known that workers with regular exposure to asbestos are prone to serious lung diseases such as mesothelioma as a direct result of their exposure to asbestos fibers. The study from Great Britain was designed to determine if asbestos exposure could also lead to heart disease, which can be just as deadly as lung diseases. Since both lung disease and heart disease are caused by inflammation, this study explored whether asbestos acts as an inflammatory agent leading to heart disease.

Most of the women who took part in the survey worked in the manufacturing sector while most of the men worked in asbestos removal. The number of deaths of the study participants was compared to the number of deaths expected to occur in the general population from stroke and heart attacks. There were smokers involved in the study but this was accounted for in the study results.

The findings of the asbestos-heart disease study were startling.  As a result of their continued exposure to asbestos, both the female and male participants in the study were at significantly higher risk of dying from a stroke or heart disease then the general public. Therefore, the study provided evidence that an asbestos worker who is subjected to prolonged exposure to asbestos is at increased risk of dying from heart disease.

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