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Pennsylvania Asbestos Attorney Reports on Ambler Research of University of Penn Student

July 22, 2013 – Residents of Ambler, PA are still dealing with the harmful effects of asbestos exposure despite the closure of asbestos factories in the 1970s after the harmful effects of asbestos where revealed. In fact, it was only recently that Ambler residents fully realized the effects of asbestos exposure as many residents afflicted with mesothelioma are only now being diagnosed due to the long latency period for symptoms. To help this community located just 40 minutes northeast of Philadelphia, University of Penn student, Shabnam Elahi, is conducting extensive research that will trace the history of asbestos and related health effects in two heavily impacted neighborhoods, West Ambler and South Ambler. Elahi hopes to map where more mesothelioma cases are linked to – the neighborhood where the defunct factories are located or in the vicinity of asbestos waste dumpsites. She is also seeking to uncover other patterns like whether the factory workers or their family members were affected most often.

The people of Ambler are not only concerned with their own individual health, but are also worried about the community itself. This sentiment is echoed by Ms. Elahi as her research will take a two-pronged approach.

First, Ms. Elahi will begin her comprehensive research by analyzing the health outcomes of individuals that lived in either West or South Ambler since 1940. She will also employ census data and resident interviews to map the frequency of asbestos-related health effects such as mesothelioma and lung cancer which will give the Pennsylvania town a greater understanding of the impact.

Second, Ms. Elahi wants to capture the voice of the Ambler community and determine what they would like to see happen in the aftermath of this asbestos-related crisis. For example, Ms. Elahi hopes to answer questions like whether Ambler residents were sufficiently educated about the risks of asbestos once the harmful effects were discovered.

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