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New Jersey Asbestos Lawyer Discusses Potential Public Health Crisis in Canada

February 16, 2015 – According to new national data acquired by The Globe and Mail show, asbestos exposure was the single most cause of workplace deaths in Canada last year topping other chemical exposures, fire fatalities and deaths caused by highway accidents. The data stated that in 1996 there were nearly 5, 000 death claims approved due to asbestos exposure.

Despite these findings, the Canadian government continues to support the asbestos industry and approves the importation of asbestos-related products into the country.  Canada’s government appears to minimize the impact asbestos-related products have on an individual’s health. They do not warn the public that all forms of asbestos are recognized as human carcinogens, or how even low levels of asbestos can negatively impact an individual.

Until the last Quebec mine closed in 2011, Canada was one of the largest exporters of asbestos. The mineral was used in products such as attic insulation, modeling clay for schools, cement, tiles, and shingles. Due to the long latency period of asbestos-related illnesses, there is a fear that deaths caused by asbestos exposure will continue to rise. In fact, the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada reports that in 2013 there were 193 mesothelioma fatalities.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer all forms of asbestos are considered to be cancer causing and evidence shows there is no safe level of exposure. This agency continues to argue against Health Canada’s position on asbestos and how it minimizes the dangers of asbestos exposure. The information on Health Canada’s website regarding how asbestos is directly linked to cancer is vague and it suggests that chrysotile asbestos is less dangerous and will cause no health concerns if the fibers are closely bound.

Despite the fact that the World Health Organization directly affirms that all types of asbestos exposure causes cancer including mesothelioma, Health Canada continues to maintain that the danger only exists if the fibers are inhaled in significant qualities. Moreover, the number of asbestos-related deaths in Canada does not include family members who have lost their lives due to second-hand asbestos exposure such as washing a family member’s work clothing.  The concern for Canada is that the country could be facing a significant public health crisis in the near future if asbestos is not banned and replaced with a safe alternate.

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