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Lancaster Landmark Undergoes Asbestos Removal

Philadelphia Asbestos Lawyers discuss the asbestos removal that will take place during renovations at the former Bulova Building. An historic Lancaster, Pennsylvania building is undergoing major renovations. The former Bulova Building, located at 101 North Queen Street, will be transformed into a mixed-use retail, residential, and office space. The building will reopen in early 2019, and with some help from the city of Lancaster, the space will be free of the harmful carcinogen asbestos.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fiber that was used extensively in construction until the 1970s. Although it is now heavily regulated, it is still found in many older buildings and can be hazardous to those visiting or working in them. When asbestos fibers are inhaled or ingested, they can cause devastating respiratory conditions such as mesothelioma, a rare and deadly cancer infecting the lining of the lungs, heart, and chest cavity.

CRIZ Grant Making Safe Asbestos Abatement Possible

Lancaster’s City Revitalization & Improvement Zone (CRIZ) program is granting the project $1.925 million to offset the $2.2 million cost of safe asbestos abatement. Fireproofing material will be removed from the building’s columns and underneath the floors. The project must follow prevailing-wage rules in order to be eligible for the CRIZ grant, which is raising the cost by about 58 percent. The whole renovation is projected to cost $25 to $30 million.

CRIZ grants are funded by taxes from state and local businesses. When the building opens in 2019, taxes from the businesses will flow into this fund. Building owners have lease commitments for about 70 percent of the retail space already and are currently in negotiations to secure a large office rental. Projections indicate that the tax revenue from the property will pay back the CRIZ grant in two to three years. The project is being developed by Pittsburgh-based Zamagias Properties; in addition to the CRIZ funds for asbestos abatement, the renovation is being financed by a mix of private contributions and federal new Markets Tax Credits. Community First Fund, a Lancaster non-profit lender, is providing the tax credits for the project.

The CRIZ grant should give the Bulova Building project the resources necessary to keep workers and visitors safe during the asbestos abatement and ensure that the risk of asbestos exposure is eliminated for the future. There is no safe level of asbestos exposure, and people who are exposed are at risk for developing deadly diseases, including mesothelioma. Mesothelioma can lay dormant in the body for decades after the initial asbestos exposure; once diagnosed, patients are left with few effective treatment options and a short life expectancy.

Philadelphia Asbestos Lawyers at Shein Law Advocate for Patients Diagnosed with Mesothelioma

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or other asbestos-related disease, call the Philadelphia asbestos lawyers at Shein Law. Our knowledgeable, experienced legal team will thoroughly review the facts of your case to determine who is at fault for your asbestos exposure and hold that party accountable. With offices conveniently located in Philadelphia and Pennsauken, New Jersey, we represent asbestos exposure victims throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey secure the compensation they deserve. Call us today at 1-877-SHEINLAW (743-4652) or contact us online to discuss your case with a dedicated member of our legal team.

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