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Illinois Firm Fined $1.2 Million in Asbestos Case

June 8, 2011 – One of the biggest OSHA fines of the year, $1, 247,400, has been issued to AMD Industries Inc. of Cicero, Ill., in a Severe Violators Enforcement Program case involving workers assigned to remove asbestos.  The OSHA violations allegedly occurred from Nov. 29 through Dec. 10, 2010, as the workers were conducting asbestos abatement of pipe insulation and thermal system insulation that contained from 20 to 50 percent chrysotile asbestos.

The alleged violations include failure to use control methods, such as local exhaust ventilation and enclosure or isolation of the regulated area, and the absence of a competent person supervising the work. In addition, the OSHA citations state that the workers were exposed when the asbestos-containing materials were cut with a reciprocating saw and collected with dry sweeping. Also, the material was not disposed of in sealed, impermeable bags or closed and labeled containers.

For additional details on the violations and fines, read more here.

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