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Benjamin Shein Interviewed for “Asbestos Science” Article

November 9, 2011 – Philadelphia asbestos attorney Benjamin Shein of Shein Law was recently interviewed as an expert in the news article, “The Science of Asbestos: The Arguments for Juries”  by Michael P. Tremoglie of Legal  The nationally recognized Internet-based newswire focuses on cases and issues that impact business. One such issue is the “science“ of asbestos in a mesothelioma case.  Although there is no dispute that asbestos causes mesothelioma, there is disagreement as to the effects of chrysotile asbestos, the most-common type of asbestos used in industrial and commercial products.

In the article, Mr. Shein was asked to discuss how he addresses asbestos “science” when trying his cases. He explained that he relies first on the widely accepted premise that all asbestos, including chrysotile, causes mesothelioma. Then he presents witness testimony regarding his client’s exposure to asbestos. When faced with a defendant’s argument that his client’s asbestos exposure was “too small” or “too long ago” to have caused the mesothelioma, he points to federal safety standards from EPA, NIOSH and OSHA that maintain that any exposure above background is unsafe.

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