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Asbestos Removal Work Begins at Princeton, New Jersey Hospital

June 2, 2014 – Downtown Princeton, New Jersey has become the latest site of a massive asbestos removal project as town officials have ordered the removal of dangerous asbestos materials from several local hospital buildings. Princeton officials became aware of the existence of dangerous asbestos material in the buildings when the Eisco Environmental Company began removing large heating oil tanks between the buildings at the site.

To avoid any unnecessary exposure to the dangerous fibers, the removal of the asbestos requires strict adherence to safety standards. During the course of removal at the Princeton hospital site, the asbestos material is being doubled bagged and kept in a secure location within the buildings. The materials will eventually be loaded into specially sealed containers for transportation to an asbestos disposal site.  Asbestos removal is a slow and methodical process which can take several months.  Officials estimate that it will take over two months for the removal company, the Yannuzzi Corporation, to complete the project.  To date, the company has removed one container from the contaminated sites.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Whitman Environmental Company will continue to monitor the asbestos removal process.

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