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Asbestos Discovered at Philadelphia Collapse Site Could Harm Many

asbestosAugust 20, 2013 – Adding to the devastation at the collapse site caused by the building collapse in Philadelphia in June, news reports say asbestos has been found among the rubble. The city of Philadelphia is investigating these claims to see the potential impact the asbestos may have caused to any parties, including the 125 emergency crews that responded to the crisis.

The four-story building was ruled asbestos-free by Kenneth Hudson, a licensed asbestos investigator, before the building prematurely collapsed during demolition and killed six people. Later developments revealed that Hudson did not conduct a test for asbestos because there was no suspected material that warranted a test. Regardless of the questionable actions that may have caused the asbestos to be overlooked, the main focus must remain on the safety of the individuals that came in contact with the hazardous demolition site.

Philadelphia Risk Management Attempting to Assess the Extent of Asbestos Exposure

To measure the extent of asbestos exposure, the Philadelphia Risk Management Division contacted the emergency responders and requested that they prepare an Asbestos Exposure Incident Report. The report contains questions asking whether responders wore protective gear during the recovery effort. These questions will provide the Risk Management Division with important information as to how much residual damage asbestos exposure may have caused. Frighteningly, the emergency crews that worked at the Philadelphia collapse site had no knowledge that the cancer-causing substance was lurking in the debris. Fire Commission Lloyd Ayers has confirmed that firefighters responding to the site were not wearing gear to protect from asbestos-containing materials.

The asbestos inspection report is currently being investigated by a grand jury; however, the City of Philadelphia refuses to make it public. This refusal to publicize the report has caused much dismay, as City Councilman James Kenney says it is preventing his committee from making speedy changes to avoid future tragedies. In advocating for the public’s safety, it is important that the city correct these issues in a timely manner to prevent future instances of asbestos-containing materials going undocumented.

The Shein Law Asbestos Attorneys in Philadelphia and New Jersey Fight for Justice for Asbestos Victims

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