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Prevalence of Mesothelioma Cases

Despite the infrequent usage of asbestos since the 1980s, 2,000 to 3,000 cases of mesothelioma continue to be reported every year. This is due to the rare cancer’s long latency period of 20 to 60 years. While it takes decades for symptoms to arise, certain individuals can gauge just how high their risk of a mesothelioma diagnosis is based on their profession. While not all workers in high-risk professions will suffer from mesothelioma, they should be aware; for when symptoms do arise, it is normally in the advanced stages. The following professions have been labelled as high-risk for asbestos exposure.


Workers in this industry valued the fire-proofing properties of asbestos for boilers. Workers would oftentimes wrap pipes and joints for boilers in asbestos, and seal doors and cover walls with the material. Even today boilermakers are known to be exposed to asbestos, seeing as boilers can be in commission for 30 years or more. Asbestos particles are still sealed within gaskets and joints of boilers, and can come out when boilermakers hammer or file certain areas.

Shipyard Workers

Workers in both the naval and commercial ends of this industry are at risk of asbestos exposure due to its presence on ships. For a time, most ships produced, from private yachts to naval aircraft carriers, would be covered from bow to stern in asbestos. Like the boilermaking industry, shipyard workers valued asbestos for its fire-proofing properties as well as its ability to fight off corrosion. The United States Navy authorized the use of over 300 products containing asbestos prior to the 1970s, meaning that individuals in the military between the Second World War and the Vietnam War are at the highest chance of exposure.

Textile Operators

Prior to the 1970s, individuals in the textile industry used to handle considerable amounts of asbestos, as its fibers could easily be converted into cloth. Many textiles were partially or even wholly made from asbestos. A study conducted in England found that textile operators had a much as 300 times the amount of asbestos in their lungs compared to the rest of the population, making workers in this industry particularly at-risk. One mill even reported that eight percent of its workers had an asbestos-related illness.


Knowing the fire-proofing qualities of asbestos, it should come as no surprise that many individuals who worked with insulation suffer from mesothelioma. For a time, asbestos was ubiquitous in many types of insulation, including:

  • Attic insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Block insulation
  • Spray-applied insulation
  • Valve insulation jackets
  • Pipe insulation

Even today, insulation from older houses is a leading cause of asbestos exposure. If shaken or moved, these older pieces of insulation can disperse asbestos fibers into the air and be inhaled into a person’s lungs.

The aforementioned professions are just a few examples of industries at risk of asbestos exposure; indeed, the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety reports that over 75 different occupational groups are at risk of contracting mesothelioma, lung cancer, or asbestosis.

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