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ADAO to Livestream Breathtaking: A Personal Investigation into the Continued Use of Asbestos

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) has announced that it will be livestreaming the documentary Breathtaking on September 26, 2011. Directed by Ontario filmmaker Kathleen Mullen, the film investigates the continued worldwide use of asbestos although it was discovered to be carcinogenic decades ago.  Detailing her father’s tragic death from mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos from Canadian mining, the filmmaker not only shows the universal effects of continued asbestos use, but provides a personal perspective of the many lives affected.

This first-ever global cyber screening of Breathtaking on the ADAO website will begin at 6:30 on September 26th.  Although previously viewed in theatres throughout North American, this international web livestreaming of the documentary is a special initiative by the ADAO to present the entire film digitally for the entire world to watch for free. The 45 minute screening will begin with a short introduction from Kathleen Mullen and conclude with a fifteen minute question and answer session via Twitter with the filmmaker and ADAO President and Co-Founder, Linda Reinstein.

This ground-breaking initiative is another example of ADAO’s mission to combine education, advocacy, and community to provide a unified voice for asbestos victims. The Shein Law is proud to be a supporter of ADAO, most recently as a Platinum Sponsor of its 7th Annual Asbestos Conference, Asbestos: Impact on Public Health, Environment, and the Economy. The international conference, available on YouTube brought together leading world-renowned experts to discuss occupational and non-occupational exposure issues, detection and treatment advances, environmental and economic impact, and national and global policy.

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